Thursday, November 03, 2005


Its been quite hectic at work and i just cant get to grips that the wknd is around the corner. For one thing i got a hell lot more work to do and the prospect of our team meeting chelsea really sends some chills down my spine.

Am a Red Devil ( Man U ) so if you follow soccer u might notice the fact that we arent playin well and our team's confidence is at its lowest. I need not elaborate further the exploits of Chelsea FC .

As a JCI Malawi member its been a mixed bag where the net result has been positive that i dont mind the fact that I am working on a Holiday. Just wish our good org the best future. If any of u might be interested please visit the following website

Gotta do some serious work now


Anonymous Ben said...

Unfortunately i visited you in the aftermath but even though congratulations on beating the richest team on the land or is it in the world. You know am not a soccer craze kind of person but i watched that game and when ever chelsea is playing surely i support the Mourinho boys though i only know Didier Drogba (dont give a shit about the cuacasians). Any way cant wait to see you on friday.

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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