Sunday, January 14, 2007

Catholic Positive Influence To The World

Well listening to the BBC hour long play of a Brazilian Priest Father Josimo Tavares a hero for Squatter community in remote Brazil who was gunned down fighting for the land rights of the poor in the face of intimidation, murder, corruption, goverment negligence u name it.

In Malawi I have an example of a manual which many will agree has made a difference to students of Physical Science ( Physics & Chemistry ) at MSCE Level. It was authored by KEITH WALLIS his illustrations was a far cry from the materials which came before it. I am currently in the process of trying to get in touch with this man to thank him on behalfof Malawian students who benefited.

This good is most of the times blurred with nonsensical and in some case horrific purely barbaric acts. I can just name a few

- The abusers in the US churches
- The Polish Priest who worked for the Soviets
- The Rwandan Priest involved in the Genocide
- The Malawian Priest and Nun caught in a sexual act at
Lilongwe International Airport.
- The Malawian Priest who dragged his girlfriend in a Highway drama

So the are human after all lets concentrate on their positives. BTW am not a Catholic.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Opensource Linksys Firmware In Malawi

One of our clients bought a Linksys GS (With Speedbooster) router for his side (CPE).

The thing worked for some 20 minutes and then died. Even putting in the manufacturer firmware upgarde the router could work.

I resorted to an opensource solution for Linksys routers after a google search , emailing a friend and visiting my favourite techie forum.

Am pleased to say that its now a week without the client complaining about the router and he will be buying more bandwidth from our office.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Malaria a real Menace

Well I like to think of myself that am hardened to Malaria but I have had to rethink my position
in the way I was whacked flat by this little menace. Am now recovering but come to think of it in economic sense it is a bad thing.

Instead of meeting potential clients and servicing clients I spent the day sleeping. And in our type of industry were our margins are low a company cannot afford these bouts of sickness.

But hope is around the corner with some Madagascar research for an anti-malarial which should make it possible to prevent loss of man hours and lives.


Friday, January 05, 2007

LAFA ( Local African Foreign Accent )

This term came about when I was reading Global Voices on an issue about African Indaba. It raised some controvesy and mostly I guess people agreed to disagree on issues. As put this term is used widely in Ghana it is used to mock the wanna bees . I got it from this site from the tone of it its seemed the blogger is from Kenya because the Swahili is good and the English equally so.

I laughed and laughed.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Who Am I

An African FLAME against the odds on the Motherland.

Descendant of the great Zulu force which changed the face of Southern Africa . Am a NGONI from Malawi. MFECANE is the process which changed the face a region.

Malawi the land of the flames, which has the largest fresh water lake running across the country. Am really proud to be called a MALAWIAN

Protected by the fierce cats the LION & LEOPARD. I know a my risks.

Our flag is BLACK, RED, GREEN.

BLACK - Its our past it was dark and seemed to have no future
RED - This signifies the blood shed, suffering and passion of the people to have a better future.
GREEN - Grass will be greener on our side and we have hope.

We will always have Sunshine as a people

So as I always say I am a MALAWIAN and AFRICAN


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Internet Cafe Rates on the decline in Mzuzu

Well people tend to paint a gloomy picture of the North but really things r moving in leaps and bounds although we need some serious infrastructure investments by government and private stakeholders.

Back to my subject matter the prices of Bandwidth are going down around the country for a good connection from us is around 220USD per month and asymetrical Bandwidth is going down as well thanks to better rates provided by our Internet gateways e.g Intelsat (Its the best), Taide and many more.

Mzuzu has had the trickle down effect especially the prices have gone down from MWK 50 ( USD 0.2o) min to now its ( USD 0.2) MWK 5. ( Rough calculations). This brings internet cost in tandem with other cities in Malawi.

As more organisations get dedicated connections for as much as USD 200 / month. It will really invite more innovation and more services at an internet cafe.

So Malawi is really making steady progress in the internet arena but at the same time we should make efforts to keep Malawian traffic local.

Reading this post by Victor Kaonga really made me write of what is happening in my city.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Y Do We Blacks Always Complain ?

I have always wondered of the misplaced hate/blame in this world one of it is the thinking
that the white brethren owe blacks something. As a people we tend to blame all the races of this world for our ills. Most of the times we are killing each other in terms of proxies or just pure ruthlessness.

If you read this article it becomes clear that we are our own worst enemy and if you come by a book by Chika Onyeani he sets examples which we see every day. " Capitalist Nigger". And only if we took 10% of the suggestions this would be a better place.

I can explain much more while our leaders are not recommending strong action against Sudan on Dafur the Americans and British are doin all the dirt work of forcing this Arab Govt to restrain its millitia against massacring innocent Dafurians. Nigerian Army alone can do the job with its own resources but papa Obasanjo is more concerned with his Degree I guess.

Blacks lets learn to value lives not only master eulogies and compensation claims. I never thought I would write this but some discussions by Academics leave me baffled by the approaches to uplifting the Black people.

Who has done more for Blacks GW Bush or Obasanjo ??? Tony Blair or Thabo Mbeki ????

OUCH !!!!!!!