Thursday, November 03, 2005

Times on the Move

Well sitting in my office today while doing some work i started reflecting on the signs which show that time waits for no one and somethings just arent fair.

four events prompted this post

1. A little girl has just passed away. I just feel pity that a young girl who looked forward to life to perish at an age so tender. U then just wonder y u r still breathing and walking around doin ur thing. If u ask me i might just chuckle , say a few of motivational lines or just ask u y u are askin me.

2. A colleague at work has just moved for his parents crib to his on. That means he has just gone a step further i suppose. All them fellas at work r busy mockin the guy that he is bout to get hitched ( married). Koma akukana mwamtu wa galu

Well am feeling tired so i might post the other two or just forget about them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When are you joining the guy in the second scenario? Ofcource i wouldnt want to see you join the little girl in the first scenario atleast not until you are 70 or thereabouts!

3:56 PM  

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