Thursday, November 10, 2005

As Days Go by

Well days are really on the fasttrack these couple o days. My life has been revolving around work, exams , jci et some other young men issues. So as u can see its quite a handful.

For ma work it's gettin busier by the day with our crew reduced its been hectic but, progress is being made bit by bit. The only handicap at the moment is the fact that am sittin 4 a paper which is way of track with wat i do on a daily basis and what the org needs me to know. So u might see the jinx in which Nyandeni ( JERE NAME) boy is into. But with my Phwezi Sec Sch "ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE GOD WILL GUIDE" am taking them stuff as the come so far so good.

Exam issues no mention its quite hell got to wake up early and cram a few stuff in my head and then prepare for work. " KUDYERA KULIMBA ". Its not always pleasant to study in hot season progress is kinda slow.

Gotta do some Salaried work bye till nxt tym


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you still not captured anything with your Digi-cam? Want to see issues/escapades.

BTW, never fear exams, take them the way you take your sadza on a daily basis. Its a routine Nyandeni iwe!!!!!

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats tru never fear exms and alwayz ask for assistance from the one abo ve its not too late. NYANDENIS ARE THE BEST. ITS ALL IN THE BLOOD YOU WILL PULL THRU THEM NO WORRIES.

3:45 PM  

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