Saturday, November 12, 2005

Walking the talk

The phrase i hv used as the title of my post. Well its easy to say and type it but to deliver is smthg else.
I think i ve mentioned in my previous postings that am a JCI-MALAWI member, for about 4 yrs and now hv been entrusted with responsibility to Lead the capital city chapter of this org. ( JCI - Lilongwe).

Our action plan for the year 2006 has been dubbed "WALKING THE TALK" we chose this coz it sounds good and so that we remain focussed.

Our goals are to reach far and wide for members and partners. By running some good programs and doing the best for our City so watch this space for more

Well i hoped George Weah could stay cool and then move on to re-group and strategise for the nxt election which i guess is in 7 yrs time.


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