Tuesday, November 15, 2005

About Reading and Computers

I was perusing through a Dailytimes paper its about a columnist I have just forgotten the name but he writes on ICT type o issues. His latest issue had a part whch commented about the reading culture Malawi.

The background is a workshop which was held in Blantyre on books ( smthg like a Fayre) but it was poorly attended this prompted the Sunday Times Columnist to lament the reading culture amongst Malawians or Black pple in general. He/She quoted an American racist radio which says "The best way to hide info from a black is to write in a book"

Our IT columnist pointed out that maybe the problem might be the lack of books which could interst him (ICT).

Well my take in the whole thing is a need for Malawi Writers Union and the columnist ( I.T) to come up with books to cater for the IT field and then advocate that all entry point courses manuals in ICT be done by Malawian proffessionals.

I feel this be implemented.


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