Thursday, March 30, 2006

Charles Taylor Another Fooled African

Well the end of another American creation. This man was living in an illusion that he aint touchable but what he forgot that loyal puppies of the west end 6ft under or somewhere miserable once out o favor. My take is that this man will end up like Milosevic

This is also a case of failed African institutions or the lack of them, I thought this man commited them crime on African soil against Africans y cant he be tried by AU or ECOWAS, knowing some African mentality am sure if it was in the Hands of African's then the could have prefered South Africa to Host the whole circus.

A saying from Ghana sums it up "afutuo nsakra nipa agye se nsohwe. " [Poeple usuallly don't take advice until they land in trouble].

Why i have titled my column African is because even Caucasian African leaders have fallen in this trap Ian Smith where is he, just struggling with old age against his foe Mugabe. The Apartheid in RSA the Afrikanders et al thought damn we got the west on our side so who cares if you do partial reading you see that both these groups were built or supported by the west and when time comes i wont be suprised if ANC will be discared or infiltrated by the west using the RSA passport. So the bottom line Africans take responsiblitiy.

RIP to all my fellow Malawians who perished in the fire in South Africa.
The mentality is KHAYA AZIONELA OKHA ( THATS YOUR OWN FUNERAL) and i dont expect the govt to do anything at all.
May God be with You All in this Foreign Land


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