Friday, December 09, 2005

Hmmm Nice to be Back

Well Manga is back i was out on a Holiday. Over the past week i had a chance to reflect on some issues.
I wrote bout debt relief, the fact that if i was a Donor nation i would not have given a cent on Debt relief. My reasons are well documented in the post titled "Malawi Debt Relief Nonsense"

And during this period i had a chance to read a book called " Capitalist Nigger by CHIKA ONYEANI" At least in him i met somebody who does not believe in being compromised , patronised or playin the race card as a beggar race.

Then I read a blog about race in Malawi by an Aussie at first i thought like well its a good thing and after reflecting I thought what a patronising way of looking at us Malawians as a Nation and a people. Please dont be too emotional

My mean man Soyapi told me that i missed a Bloggers meet in Lilongwe, i just look fwd to the nxt one

hmmmm more later as i clear my desk


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