Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I have been hearing this story for a long time in the media and public gatherings. The issue being pips who dont want to honor their part of the bargain that is give to Ceaser wat belongs to Ceaser as some would put it.

The classic story is that of pisp who come with that heart touching tale loan proposal. You pull out some of your hard earned loot or product and when it comes to pay back the are all over the place with stories ranging from Salary, MRA, Funds not cleared all that bull dust.

Two pips i know really rank among the worst offenders the work for established firms and to say the least earn good money, but betwn these two pips the can settle a debt of 70USD Loan. One for a product the other for a service. These pips have audacity to tell you lies every time you meet. Sometimes you would put them in a class of nuts i cant imagine what to call them.

If these pips applied for a MARDEF loan i would really advise them Govt not to waste ma Taxes on these selfish.I will publish their names if the continue not to honor their debts.


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