Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Aftermath of Easter Escapade

Man I was in Zomba for easter i had one hell of a time. It was gr8t by all accounts checkd out my pals kid it was a realisation of how far we have gone in this journey called life. And on the last day i saw also another guy who we have grown up in the same hood for a good # years together how he is settling down with a wife and kid.

I had a chance to chat at length with someone who i occasionally just bump into and never have really have the time to understand what goes on in their life. Hmmmmmmm

But i think i may hit a jackpot in this city coz looking around it seems to have so much potential flying around this historic city cause i dont want to diclose much until i meet some business partners and sell the concept.

Hope to b in ZA again on the Labor day holiday. RGDS


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey what other business partners are you looking for apart from the flirting partners?
Am kinda surprised the ID of this adhoc pal you met is not being disclosed, is it a "she" or a "he"? We definately need to know. These are days of transparency and accountability

12:12 PM  

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