Thursday, April 13, 2006

easter holidays

Easter has come a few pips i know will go to church et most of the fellas i know will take it as holiday or an excuse to party !!!
Carlsberg is throwing one hell of party at the lake i hop pple just drive carefully in our streets of Malawi or we risk losing lives
Meself will be goin to check out my college buddy who has a kiddo in Zomba 300 + kms, i will take some digi fotoz with me & ma bru. U never know wat else will transpire this side o town.
It will b a chance to see the whole place a bit o peace and learn the enviroment and match the tales. Hoping to meet some other pals that syd who i met long time ago.
More when i come back with my tales of the Old Capital city of Malawi


Blogger Soyapi said...

Happy Easter Holidays, Manga.

7:32 PM  

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