Sunday, June 18, 2006

Africans Lest not we forget CLEMENTS KADALIE (1893 - 1951)

By chance I went to my favourite bookshop MANENO BOOKSHOP. I picked some books.

1- I See You ( Life of the man Clements Kadalie) BY D.D Phiri
2- Memorial History of Mulanje Mission CCAP in Malawi By Armstrong Elliot Khoza
3- Let Us Die for Africa BY D.D Phiri
4- Success Unlimited by Jonah Mungoshi
5- An Oxford Dictionary

OK back to the story of one Clements Kadalie the founder of the first all inclusive Trade Union organisation in South Africa ( advised by one Mr Batty) which changed the face of Unionism and and Politics in SA and safely SADC.

Educated in Embangweni, Nkhatabay and livingstonia. Moved to South Africa established the ICU ( Industrial Commercial Workers Union) achieved a lot in uniting various Ethnic Groups and races.

Well am dumstruck that his drive for equality in the labor force was slowed by 2 major factors ( Ethnic pride Zulus of Natal. Just because he wanted to discpline a Mr Champion who had misappropriated funds of the Union branch.) This led to a secessesion of the Natal ICU branch.
And the 2nd thing was the syndrome that a European is always right entrenched in some colonial african academics , the point here is that a Mr William G. Ballinger just slowed the pace of change in our region ( SADC). I wouldnt be wrong to label this man as the enemy of Black, Indian, Colored, White south africans because his actions led to the ICU break-up resulting in Kadalie establishing the Independent ICU.

I will try my best to see where this great son of Malawi's remains are buried and pay my respects if possible. I would like to thank D.D Phiri for recording this piece of History it makes Malawians strong.

His contributions are acknowledged by
- Nelson Mandela
-Proffessor D.D.T Jabavu of Fort Hare
- Proffessor Z.K Matthews of Fort Hare , later Ambassador of Botswana to the UN


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