Friday, May 05, 2006

Comrade Mugabe in Malawi a reflection

Well the man usually refered to as uncle Bob, a victim of neo-colonialism et al as his supporters put it. I remmember his visits when i was a young boy standing by the roadside to see him and the late President Dr H.K Banda and waving clapping u name it. That was then it never raised a whisker.

This time around after his land reform programme coupled with sanctions from the West and many indicators show that Zimbabwe is going through serious hardships.

He has been crowned an AFRICAN HERO by President Bingu Wa Mutharika ( Malawi), I dont dispute that he liberated Zim pips and alot of Malawians are employed that side. This coupled with the fact that our 1st Lady is a Zim Lady. I hope you see what am driving at this might not be objective at all. I am really proud of the liberation struggle, but am a true believer that emotional acts are not the wayforward. In Malawi he has been immortalised by having a road named after him.

My reflection is that as much as we are African's our country has to refrain from joining the Zim-Brit issue in its conduct with the Comrade we might get really screwed dont forget we measure our performance according to how much the Minister of Finance begs or receives in aid.

I for one will never blame the colonisers because we have only ourselves to blame PERIOD. I think in the next 10 yrs or so we will be busy blaming the Chinese when we are actually selling our rights to people who havent even mastered the technology of mining which kills themselves like flies what do you expect if its Africans dying

Thats my take


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