Monday, June 19, 2006

MALAWI Hi-lites Budget 2006 proposed, Chihana Buried

Budget 2006 Proposal

PAYE- lowest paid employee has an extra MWK 12000 per annum to take home. In percentage terms it looks lovely in real terms it has just covered part of the commodity price rises.

MPS Allowances - the get 50% hike in their sitting allowances MK8000 - MK 12000

Fuel levy - a K1 per litre has been introduced for public works.

50% Excise duty on passenger vehicles with Capacity of 12+ removed

Wedding gifts from abroad to be taxed MK 50000.

Agriculture get lions share with MK 16bn

Gensets of over 375Kva customs removed.


The man who broke the brutal dictatorship of
Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda passed away in SA after losing a battle with brain tumour. He was the symbol of Multi-party and the Northern Region in Malawi. He was laid to rest @ katoto freedom park.


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