Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Nokia Phone dominates my ear

My use of this gadget started sometime when I was doing my 2nd year at the Malawi Polytechnic, my Sister did the honors of giving me a NOKIA 5110 which made me feel proud that at last I had this much talked about Gizmo. This spared the trouble of receiving calls from a friend in my corridor. The life of my beloved gizmo ended when a cousin of mine decided to steal it. This spelled for me a long period of incommunicado.

It was a spell which ended when I was employed and I saved some loot to afford meself another alexander bell alternative a NOKIA 3210. It was a fairly used gizmo and after my quest of enhancing it some troubled soul who I dont have any idea decided to pinch it in my office after I had gone to attend some business issues on the other side of our office.After this I tried other models ranging from SAGEM to Eriksons but got no love from them phones.

After this I decided to revert to a 5110 and after some months I upgraded to a 3110 which I got from TNM shop. Since my old lady had nothing I gave her so that she can keep in touch with the world. As for the 5110 I borrowed a friend who was going through a tough patch.

Had a spell with a 2300 which a friend sold and I bought at a high price just to be duped coz the fon didnt last for more than for months. It just went off during one busy morning and a friend promised to fix it but then has ended up just keeping it i guess.

Now am a proud owner of a Nokia 3120 which in a matter of time I will be able to experience the benefit from the Celtel Upgrades.



Blogger Kondwani Wella said...

Eh! long road. You know, there is life after mobile phones. The way tech is changing soon we will do away with these gudgets. Soon we will be using gudgets similar to those used in rural hospitals. You know 'em; Kondwani calling, Kondwani calling, over...

How about that....

9:16 AM  

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