Tuesday, November 15, 2005

WorldBank Donor nonsense

On the subject above i dont real have nothing to pull back. On Donor Nonsense these bretton Institutions have been prescribing wrong medicine in africa for as long as the have existed. I donno is it that these pple cant employ pple who can formulate a good policy and draw up good guidelines.

What has made me rant this is the issue of the Blantyre Contractor Fargo, these blokes were given a contract some time back in BT to to rehabilitate a road which was very vital to traffic flow in the Commercial city of Blantyre. To my utter irritation and in the spirit of killing virtually all the entrepreneurs who operate on this road the managed to delay the contract for more than 12 months . But the have just been awarded another contract to rehabilitate roads in the commercial city of blantyre from the article it seems the World bank had a strong influence in this decesion.
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In summary this is a way of helping production costs go high and not alleviating poverty.


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