Friday, July 21, 2006

Move To Mzuzu

After stayin in Lilongwe for a good part of my life am like on cloud uncertainity as to what awaits this Ngoni Son in Northern region's populous city.

At first reaction am going to a less developed area of Malawi. Political minds would say no the aint political will to put resources in place. But I think otherwise and at the same time I dont disagree with with that school of thought either. To me it's up to people from the area who are scattered all over the country and mind you the aint poor. The must pool resources together and government will follow suit.

I look @ this as an opportunity filled move just gotta identify them and then implement them. At the end of this post I would like to bid farewell to all them people who made lilongwe worth living.

Am posting from our Mzuzu office and I look forward to making new friends meeting old friends as well.


Blogger Nthambazale said...

So you are now in Mzuzu.How are things that side?

I am so tired but I just felt like dropping a comment. I have just returned from Vancouver and Toronto.Check a comprehensive report on my blog in a day or two.


11:38 PM  

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