Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Things Lookin' Up For Malawians ?

On the night of 13-07-06 some thoughts crossed my mind . I was in between my work issues , extracurricula, people relations et al that a man can think of.

I believe things are looking up the following examples reinforce my thoughts.

1- FMB offering shares to the public the are mainly an Asian bank is worth mention because of the fact that an Asian is deemed to be very good at sharing money making opportunities " MYTH BUSTED?"

2- Matilda Katopola ( Clerk of Parliament) she has ruffled a lot of feathers by applying the rules of conduct of our MP's which have been slack. To an extent that an MP threatened to physically assault this her. But by and large she has won a lot of admirers amongst the general public and young proffessionals.

3- SOCAM ( Society of Accountants in Malawi) After some high profile gatherings now I see that the have punished a practising member and published him in a newspaper. Thats great coz as the custodians of our investments the must really show that the dont fear to punish members of their fraternity.

5- ICTAM( Information and Communications Technology Association of Malawi) have rolled into some serious action and their presence is felt especially in the two big cities of Malawi ( Lilongwe & Blantyre). Their objectives are big but the guys entrusted to run the show seem to have what it takes.

In the city which has been my home (Lilongwe) is experiencing various infrastructure upgrades roads, fresh coats of paint on shops and construction of residences



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