Monday, July 31, 2006


In the past weeks I have been in deep thought bout service to humanity which was mainly stimulated by a visit to malawi by SKIP KIDs group ( to Malawi & some American friends.

My thoughts where mainly in three views.
  • local service to humanity
  • Student volunteers
  • Overseas proffessional volunteers

Well I have had the opportunity to work with various groups on the Lilongwe scene. We have a host of non-profit charitable groupings who range from Religious to Non-religion based groups. Their work always makes me believe that as a people with a little self belief and a change of mindset we could make a difference rather than always wait for assistance from outside the country. I feel with a little resources within our borders we could make a large difference than the big dollars which come from well wishers abroad.

The 2nd thought hinged on young people groups (overseas & local). This is a good thing cause future leaders are exposed to what suffering, opportunities are available on the ground in our country. Currently I know of World camp for kids ( US) and Students for Kids Project ( SKIP) (Scottish) who spend their own savings to make a difference . And it wouldnt be fair on the local student organisations in the country who are making serious contributions in HIV/AIDS, Corruption et al.

The third volunteer group which I think is lacking in a serious way is not done much by our Citizenry but mostly from outsiders. The main contributors being from the West, Japan, Chinese and of late a good number of Arabs. Some come here and really volunteer others come to enjoy the sun. Its for the majority to whom as a Malawian am indebted cause mainly their motivation is to make difference. It makes me feel bad that I havent heard much bout my own folk spending their Holiday's volunteering. Its my hope that in my life and times I make a difference.


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God Bless and good luck from Australia. :)

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