Wednesday, November 29, 2006

INJENA : A Malawian Initiative Worth Supporting

INJENA is the first wholly owned Malawian Venture. The enterpreneur behind this is MR ROBERT MBALE. I met him when he was busy running up and down with proposals for finacial backing. I got to view it when my then Boss STEVE TAULO told me a bit bout the hurdles he was facing with commercial banks to get the backing.

Since moving to Mzuzu near our offices I noticed a structure which was shaping up as a filling station in its later stages of construction and the branding remined me of a vision becoming reality before my eyes.

A day later a Mr Nthambazale ( not this one Clement Nthambazale Nyirenda ) came to my office to open an email account with Malawi SDNP .I got Robert's number immediately to congratulate him on the opening of the new Gas station and he confirmed that it was indeed true that Nthambazale had signed dealership papers with him.

In these time when these big boys ( Mobil et al) are merging having a Malawian company doing the distribution can only be described as good news in on our march to self sustainance.


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