Saturday, September 23, 2006

ICT in Malawi's Northern Region

ICT is said to be in its infancy in Malawi but in the Northern
region it can be said it has been conceived and injected some
hi-growth feed. This can be attributed to factors below:

- Openining of Malawi SDNP office in Mzuzu.
- Establishment of two Universities in the Northern region ( Mzuni and Livingstonia ).
- Establishmnt of the Mzuzu Central hospital
- Growth of Ekwendeni ( 20km from Mzuzu)
- Growth of Nkhatabay as a tourism spot
- Projects likely to impact the face of the region CHITIPA road and Uranium mining in Karonga.

The 2 University communities are leading in the demand for Internet services and other ICT related services. Mzuni is offering programmes in ICT, Library Science, Renewable energy which if combined will utilise the power of ICT in Malawi. So far the is an initiative MALICO which has resulted in the Northern region's first publicly accessible V-sat.

Malawi SDNP has committed itself and believing in the potential of the region are rolling out a Wireless network to add to their presence on the ground. Malawi SDNP will participate in activities not only limited to ICT only.


Blogger Victor Kaonga said...

I wonder how I missed this post. Good development up north. Very much desired! I hope many stakeholders will consider ICT's in their jobs and institutions. I am happy for the small beginings which I hope will end big.

10:07 PM  

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