Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Actual Transfer to Mzuzu

Well on the mornin of the 03rd Aug '06, woke up as I usually do. But this morning was my last in the beautiful dusty city of Lilongwe. Memories flashed by that ma tym's up.

After putting my belongings together,a malfunction in our org's Adminstration department
made it that I delay my start by at least 3 hrs plus. A funny issue of deciding whether
to remove a canopy or not. Until after some time logic prevailed.

Next were 2 clientsCosoma and MCHS. The former needed an antenna shifted and mounted
were their architect wanted. The installer needed me to see if the signal strength was to our
standards. This was done but failed to see the MCHS client coz of the time factor.

Went to collect a CD with PC utilities but I bounced coz the bururu (brother) had a problem
at his house. But later found out that the guard mixed up them names. hmmmm just imagine.

With these happenings I started wondering if I am gonna reach Chachi's land in one peace ( CHAkufwa CHIhana as he is known by Mzuzu's young generation)

Passed by Jenda Road block just as if to confirm that I am in my home region as I was trying to buy some produce for my house, met my Cousin & naturally enquired how my Aunt was. To my relief she was in good health. I parted with a few hundred Chilembwe's ( Malawi kwachas) felt I could have given her more, but money is finite resource.

Reached Mzuzu I was sapped of energy a boost came by assurance that my bed had been done and this was done coz I wanted a new bed. I will ever be grateful to these guys from Mzuzu.

Thanks to my Mum Anyangwira, My bro CJ aka Angoni, Kute, Thomas Malopa, Pikawo Ngalamila, Etta chirwa, Symon and bururu William my housemate.


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