Thursday, September 28, 2006

New ICT Developments Offered In Malawi

has in rescent months seen an up surge in use of cordless phones. The
models are all Chinese. The are good because of the following

- Ease of installation and getting a line
- Its mobile within major city you register
- New breed of ( Used for pay phone ladys)

Its not all rosy

- Models range from MWK 20000 to MWK 50000. Thats expensive
- Not very good to use when connecting on D-up internet.

So in all this is a really good development for Malawi, I believe when the upgrade their
exchanges we should get good services. My hope is that it improves the Internet penetration of and ability of Malawians to communicate.


Blogger Stickystacky said...

Hi Mangaliso,
Jeff Lavezzo in the US here.

By cordless, do you mean mobile/cellular? When we say cordless in the States, it means a phone plugged into the landline jack in your house that lets you walk around your house.

In either case, US$144 as a start price for either kind of phone is very expensive in my book. I found some used Samsung cell phones on Ebay for less than $30 each. They could use GSM900 and therefore run in Malawi. So I bought 3 and sent them to my mother-in-law there to give as gifts.

Why are phones so expensive? Can't an individual collect up used phones in Britan and bring them to Malawi to sell for US$50-75?


Jeff Lavezzo

5:13 PM  
Blogger Mangaliso Jere said...


Nice to hear from you.
Not like the ones you are talkin about.
These phones you buy a unit which has an antenna. Technically speaking its a mobile fon offered
by a Telco which is supposed to offer fixed lines.
Some pple from Malawi who are abroad by the cells and sell them
down this side. But since cells are fashionable try to bring stuff which is of good quality coz generally mobile phone handsets are going down.

Y phones are expensive its down to people being greedy at times its because of the hi costs of bringing a unit to Malawi I guess

5:55 PM  

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