Friday, September 01, 2006

The Northern Question

As a proud Malawian it pains me that the Northern region has not caught up with the rest of the country 40 plus years of independence have passed. The essential development structures still have some way to go.

The popular blame culture is that the is no political will and the fingers point to the Trio who have lead us since independence namely KAMUZU BANDA, BAKILI MULUZI and now BINGU WA MUTHARIKA.

Now with the above way of moving forward really taking Malawians nowhere on the development map, collective responsibility is the way forward.

Some players in the Private sector have helped efficiently retard development.
For instance the two main players (Stanbic and National Bank) in the banking sector have archaic banking halls in the capital of the North, Mzuzu. The impression this gives an investor is that this ain't a place to stay after making money its lets go.

Some banks are doing fine like the First Merchant Bank whose hall although small, it is modern and are building a new structure which is going to change the face of Mzuzu.

Patriotic Malawians have a choices to make.

Entrepreneurs - Have to find ways of attracting Malawians investment and cash for services right in the North e.g Mzuzu Coffee and Travel bureau recently opened in Mzuzu are some of the ways to help in developing.

They have to strengthen their private sector organisations and make them more visible.

Middle Class and Proffessionals - The group mentioned have to realise that investing in our big cities is expensive and the are competing with the real big boys.
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Blogger Victor Kaonga said...

The story about Northern Malawi is a sad one so far. I am worried somehow that indeed we will continue lagging behind. I am just asking myself questions now as to how many people up there have seen a computer? Internet connection is equally bad. Mayi ine tichitechi? Thanks Manga for raising the issues. May be as we cry, someone will cool us dow!

11:14 PM  
Blogger Nthambazale said...

A nice posting Manga! I am of the opinion that Northerners themselves have a solution to this problem. While I agree that the political landscape has not given the North ample priority, I feel that the Northerners themselves can do something about this problem.In terms of proportion, the North has more skilled people in alomsot all professions (my observation over the years, I do not have the stats!). I am of the view that these people can easily team up and carry out meaningful projects/investments, NGOs in their own region.Such activities will draw other people to invest in the region.As a result, the situation will change drammatically. At some point, I used to hear about associations like Friends of Chitipa, Friends of Mzimba etc. Where are they today?So much talking but not walking the talk! I am more than eager to join such development conscious organizations for our land.


1:47 PM  
Blogger Mangaliso Jere said...

I am glad that Nthambazale and Vic you hv found this posting interesting and that it gives an insight of the way forward.
The organisations Nthambazale mentioned most are not as effective as the used to be. Egoism should have played a part and I think the didnt groom younger pple to takeover. Coupled by the pressure created by socio-economic and westernisation which has been adopted with out caution has led to the every man for himself phenomenon.

11:08 AM  
Anonymous tazgoka said...

Hi Mangaliso.

hail you for your efforts to uplift our region. i think we should have site in which we will be discussing the development issues needed in the region. It seems everyone has forgotten about the region.

8:46 AM  

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