Saturday, December 16, 2006

Internet Cafe Rates on the decline in Mzuzu

Well people tend to paint a gloomy picture of the North but really things r moving in leaps and bounds although we need some serious infrastructure investments by government and private stakeholders.

Back to my subject matter the prices of Bandwidth are going down around the country for a good connection from us is around 220USD per month and asymetrical Bandwidth is going down as well thanks to better rates provided by our Internet gateways e.g Intelsat (Its the best), Taide and many more.

Mzuzu has had the trickle down effect especially the prices have gone down from MWK 50 ( USD 0.2o) min to now its ( USD 0.2) MWK 5. ( Rough calculations). This brings internet cost in tandem with other cities in Malawi.

As more organisations get dedicated connections for as much as USD 200 / month. It will really invite more innovation and more services at an internet cafe.

So Malawi is really making steady progress in the internet arena but at the same time we should make efforts to keep Malawian traffic local.

Reading this post by Victor Kaonga really made me write of what is happening in my city.


Blogger apiap said...

Nice to know Malawi is getting good internet access, can you tell us how much does it cost for an hour to surf in an Internet Cafes ?
you can add to the comment to this post

12:51 PM  
Blogger Joseph Chidwala "The Real Thing" said...

Mzuzu is really moving forward in the ICT Development as far as am concern we are now able to compete with the Big cities " Lilongwe and blantyre". To be fair with the number of people using the internet in the city and the number of Cafe's we are having i think we are going to the top of the Ladder. Look at the high speed internet cafe's in Mzuzu we have even surpassed our friends in the Central and southern region. The Only problem we are having is lack of geniune ICT Personel. We are having too many un qualified Computer Technicians within the City who are tainting the Image of the industry. People are not able to invest in the ICT industry for fear of high cost of Technical backup as well as lack of expartise. I feel the best way forward is for us the ICT guys in the region to form a forum where we can discuss on the latest technology on the market and how to keep our industry more proffesional. Lets bring sanity in the City by recognising the role of the ICT in the region.

12:20 PM  
Anonymous ackim mwale said...

that is right.that is why now i have just decided to study telecommunication and computertechnician(south africa)

4:29 PM  
Blogger The Malawi WiFi Project said...

We are working to stimulate the development of internet cafes in Malawi. Follow our progress on Facebook and

6:36 PM  
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