Thursday, December 07, 2006

Y Do We Blacks Always Complain ?

I have always wondered of the misplaced hate/blame in this world one of it is the thinking
that the white brethren owe blacks something. As a people we tend to blame all the races of this world for our ills. Most of the times we are killing each other in terms of proxies or just pure ruthlessness.

If you read this article it becomes clear that we are our own worst enemy and if you come by a book by Chika Onyeani he sets examples which we see every day. " Capitalist Nigger". And only if we took 10% of the suggestions this would be a better place.

I can explain much more while our leaders are not recommending strong action against Sudan on Dafur the Americans and British are doin all the dirt work of forcing this Arab Govt to restrain its millitia against massacring innocent Dafurians. Nigerian Army alone can do the job with its own resources but papa Obasanjo is more concerned with his Degree I guess.

Blacks lets learn to value lives not only master eulogies and compensation claims. I never thought I would write this but some discussions by Academics leave me baffled by the approaches to uplifting the Black people.

Who has done more for Blacks GW Bush or Obasanjo ??? Tony Blair or Thabo Mbeki ????

OUCH !!!!!!!


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