Thursday, December 07, 2006

Settling Down In Mzuzu

Well briefly I would like to highlight issues which have cropped up during my stay in this Northern City of Malawi.

PERSONAL NOTE: Well I have made a good number of friends and met some interesting people. Forged new alliances which really make me feel at home. Disappointments as we say are part of life but when a mate broke my trust it was really bad considering what we have gone through it really had me weak in the knees. The resultant effect is that am going to stay alone in a big house.

FAMILY SIDE: Its been a testing period am so fond of my mum so being separated wasnt cool on either of us. My sister had an ops in a far away land but bounced back real good you cant hope for more. My Bro was bogged down as well now he is recovering really good and he will be up and about soon.Restoring my link with my Bro in Mozambiques was a good thing the fact that we are all away from home can explain it I guess. So on a whole it really has been a positive year.

WORK: Well earlier challenges seem to crop up again in a region were ICT infrastructure is growing at a remarkable pace but other infrastructure is lagging behind the challenges are being overcome.My role as a technical support has been good and fulfilling. We are growing in terms of capacity in the officeand making the technologies nearer to the people. Although I can say my duties are going towards Business development plus Technical support.

God will definatelly guide me through.


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