Sunday, January 14, 2007

Catholic Positive Influence To The World

Well listening to the BBC hour long play of a Brazilian Priest Father Josimo Tavares a hero for Squatter community in remote Brazil who was gunned down fighting for the land rights of the poor in the face of intimidation, murder, corruption, goverment negligence u name it.

In Malawi I have an example of a manual which many will agree has made a difference to students of Physical Science ( Physics & Chemistry ) at MSCE Level. It was authored by KEITH WALLIS his illustrations was a far cry from the materials which came before it. I am currently in the process of trying to get in touch with this man to thank him on behalfof Malawian students who benefited.

This good is most of the times blurred with nonsensical and in some case horrific purely barbaric acts. I can just name a few

- The abusers in the US churches
- The Polish Priest who worked for the Soviets
- The Rwandan Priest involved in the Genocide
- The Malawian Priest and Nun caught in a sexual act at
Lilongwe International Airport.
- The Malawian Priest who dragged his girlfriend in a Highway drama

So the are human after all lets concentrate on their positives. BTW am not a Catholic.


Blogger Ben said...

Anemwechi! as we fondly used to call each other,

Exactly four days after posting this comment, you decided to answer Gods call to go and be with him, leaving behind your dream of meeting Keith Wallis.

If atleast you told me you were going for surgery in that last SMS you sent me a day just prior to thet fateful afternoon, i would have discouraged it in the strongest terms. I called too late to be told you are in a ward and that guy couldnt let me talk to you.

I really feel guilty for not having called in time to hear your plans.

God will forgive all the misdeeds am sure.

Rest In Eternal Peace captain

11:43 AM  
Blogger Mr Reasonable said...

We never met and the parcel I sent you was stolen after it left NZ; it was tracked to Malawi and then it was gone. I'll never know if the items I sent would have made a differecne to your life but I know the football magazine would have been enjoyed. Rest well brother.

10:19 AM  
Blogger arachesostufo said...

ciao da scorzè

10:53 AM  

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