Thursday, January 11, 2007

Malaria a real Menace

Well I like to think of myself that am hardened to Malaria but I have had to rethink my position
in the way I was whacked flat by this little menace. Am now recovering but come to think of it in economic sense it is a bad thing.

Instead of meeting potential clients and servicing clients I spent the day sleeping. And in our type of industry were our margins are low a company cannot afford these bouts of sickness.

But hope is around the corner with some Madagascar research for an anti-malarial which should make it possible to prevent loss of man hours and lives.



Blogger Soyapi said...

Yeah, Malaria once a menace to kids under 5 years old is now killing our local celebrities!

It was Chuma Soko, and now Gertrude Kamkwatira!

Good to hear that you survived it, man.

3:02 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

It is sad that you had to be taken out of this world exactly seven days after posting this article. Unfortunately, its not the malaria that took you per se, if it wasnt for those careless medics at mzuzu central hospital who decided to operate on your sinus and convinced you it was a minor surgery. Where on earth can opening ones nostrils be categorised as minor surgery? am not a medic but lol.. i tend to doubt the integrity and professionalism of some of our medical practitioners considering my aunt was prescribed wrong medication for a different ailment at the same hospital which also almost cost her life. But am sure God is watching over you and its a matter of time that we shall be together in the heavenly glory.

I will miss your jokes now and forever more.

May your soul rest in eternal peace my bururu!

11:35 AM  
Anonymous suleman said...

A loud cry from heart
Rivers of tears on my face
"surgery" has set you apart
Stolen into another place
Of eternal peace

I couldnt believe my eyes
This email is wrong, i thought
Took me days to grasp reality
You gone, gone for good

When i think about Manga..
I remember your smile
When i remember your smile
I see your teeth and a mouth wide

To me Manga,
He worked hard
Dedication was his nature

To me Manga,
Was a friend!
He called me just weeks ago
What will i do about the Mzuzu connection,
Now that you are gone?

Everything happens for a reason
For His glory!

One day He will judge the good and the bad, so does say the word!


4:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

James Chavula, Reporter Mzuzu

it is with sadness that I join this street of eulogy to the great son of motherland that was Manga -not Dr Manga, albeit closer in jokes.

it is not for the questionaire on the state of ICT in the north that you left unswered that I ink my tears for you too good to be gone for good.

It is for the great son of the north whom you tried to be that I shed my tears. remember how you used to step into Daily Times Newsroom not only to repair our chronically ill computer, but also to mend our negative potrayal of the northern region.

All the potentials you had and all the potential you showed, you were too good to be lost for good.

I remember Manga telling me that he had failed to answer my questionaire because of some 'small' malaria which unfortunately left a tomour that was denting his face, the face of the beautiful son of "Nyalungu"

Death is a thief. And those medics who failed to operate on him as successfully as he used to operate our computer (he used to it 'ya Dubai") are its agents!

Belated, yet endless stream of tears


10:35 PM  

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