Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Who Am I

An African FLAME against the odds on the Motherland.

Descendant of the great Zulu force which changed the face of Southern Africa . Am a NGONI from Malawi. MFECANE is the process which changed the face a region.

Malawi the land of the flames, which has the largest fresh water lake running across the country. Am really proud to be called a MALAWIAN

Protected by the fierce cats the LION & LEOPARD. I know a my risks.

Our flag is BLACK, RED, GREEN.

BLACK - Its our past it was dark and seemed to have no future
RED - This signifies the blood shed, suffering and passion of the people to have a better future.
GREEN - Grass will be greener on our side and we have hope.

We will always have Sunshine as a people

So as I always say I am a MALAWIAN and AFRICAN



Anonymous Anonymous said...

somebody at mzuzu hospital need to explain why?? what on earth the so called doctor was thinking about, Russian agent or what??

Guilty>>> you are for killing such a young man who had full of life a head of him.

My he RIP

11:53 AM  
Blogger Nyumbazi said...

MANGA MAN( Mangaliso Jere)

I will start with CEREBRATING your life.
You are A Ngoni who was proud of who you are, a man who had the heart to accommodate everybody, a man who found the meaning of life at very young age, a man who found a purpose for his life, a man who realised his potential very well ahead of most the people I know, a man who loved wisdom and knowledge, a man who brought me laughter, a Manchester United Fun, a gentle man, a man who was informed about currents affairs, a man who had big dreams, a man who has gone through tough experiences in life at a very young age, a man who came out shoulders high a against all odds, you embraced the seasons of change in your life integrity beyond your age. I can go on and on.

• You were a good company always had something positive to talk about, you were a true believer in positive thinking.
• You had solutions all the time, that’s a gift which God blessed upon your heart and you used it well.
• I will miss our talk about technology- am still keeping the book about wireless net working. Wish if the wireless technology could work between Earth and Heaven, then we could Blog and Instant Message each other.
• You had the guts to speak your mind in all avenues of life.
• Your love and care will always be cherished.

Only God will help us to understand why?
Psalms 16: 6 I call on you, O God, for you will answer me; give ear to me and hear my prayer.

Psalms 18:30 As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the Lord is flawless. He is a shield for all who take refuge in him. For who is God besides the Lord? And who is the Rock except our God?

Kondwani Gondwe

This is for you uncle . You were so funny , you found something to laugh about.
As for me Daniel I will always remember you as my LITTLE UNCLE who brought a smile when I was down. You where a phone call away on my BIRTHDAY

I will tell your story, your dreams to Dominic and Malcom and all the rest of your nieces and nephews.
Jo Jo will always be in to fill me with the Gaps.
Our promise to you is to live your dream of making GOGO happy and making the world a better place.
God is Good all the time.
As for we your nephews, we promise to Love school and BUILD ONE BIG COMPUTER IN YOUR NAME
This will be named MANGA COMPUTER and our SOLICITOR will be JOJO, uncle Chawezi will be the Managing Director

We Love You, We will always do, We will never forget you.
I Daniel and JOJO will make sure our siblings know you

We will meet you in Heaven

Psalms 137: 1-3

1. Uncle Manga one thing we never got around to talk about is how do you feel about the Spanish (Real Madrid) selling David Beckham to the USA

2. Do you know the joke about butter, I won’t tell you because you will spread it.

Mangaliso Robert Samuel Sobukwe Jere

Manga, hear and listen to this one; this time around it’s Sisi (Nyumbie)

Firstly I love you and will always do, what I can say I am heart broken. But what I want to tell you is that I will never forget you.
I have known you since 01 March 81, you have survived the greatest odds. Each time you have been stronger.
How can describe you?

You are brother full of jokes, never one to keep a grudge, intelligent and resourceful. I admire your ability to succeed against all odds, losing a Dad, big brother you still came through sane.

One thing I promise is that your dreams will succeed. You were the perfect leader, the person who took things seriously. The last time I spoke to you, the night before your operation, you still had something to joke about.
I trust that the Lord of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, will help us understand why it had to be you so early.

This last one is for you Psalms 25


Mangaliso Robert Samuel Jere is a brother, uncle, son, and friend to numerous loved ones. I have experienced his brotherly love and companionship in life’s hardships and its joyful memories.

Whenever I was down, he would say, it is all planned by God, so don’t question why? Although at this moment my mind wonders and questions that word. Manga, or to others Mangaman is still intelligent, trustworthy, hardworking and thoughtful.
I will always love you as my own and only brother. My heart is full of his memories and may your soul rest in peace, MISSING YOU SO MUCH JOJO.
May the lion and leopard of Malawi protect you as God prepares place for, His Royal Highness Mangaliso Robert Samuel Jere

PS. I promise as a “Jere Girl” as you put it, I will look after Mum and become the next CHIEF JUSTICE IN THE JERE’S EMPIRE

Joana Jere

12:49 PM  

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