Friday, January 20, 2006

Malawian Bloggers Braii

As blogging in Malawi takes another level Lilongwe bloggers will have a braii this wknd, I hope all the guyz that side wont just be Geeks. So if u r a blogger and leave in Mlw or u r visiting take some time to meet the crew.
It will take place in Area 43. Below is a link

So far i know four guys coming. I will post on other issues during the day c u

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

X-mas relevance and what does 2006 bring

Well 2005 is gone whats left are reviews and agonies of missed opportunities. Success will definately depend on ones own self objective assesment.

Its really kinda crazy that i have to write on the topic above I generally felt that this x-mas has shown to me that most people maybe just in Malawi but the have tended to regard it just as one hell of a party season. Lilongwe on the eve of X-mas was empty pple had gone to a Carlsberg bash by the lake side. This to me shows that in a couple o years the only thing special bout X-mas will be that most the world will regard it as a Public holiday FULL STOP.

R.I.P to all those who passed during the season and a special mention to 11 souls which were lost coz of lightening, its great to note that not many pips lost their lives due to road accidents during this year a BIG UP to the Traffic Policemen.

Fire crackers were the order of the day this season the are an irritating phenomenon which we just have to live with. These youngsters just have to take care some of these things dont have a happy ending at all.

I had a chance to attend a cousin's wedding it was a great feeling to be part of her important day as u will see in the picture i have posted.

New years eve i was jus at home watching some movies, soccer highlights and i slept quite early to have the energy to bamboozle my way out of 2006.

I hope Brazil win the world cup ( football), Angola wins African cup of nations and Malawi wins the cosafa.

2006 will be a year to remember. I hope it wont just be a year when the only thing that changes is the design of the calender.