Friday, November 25, 2005


Good people I have been thinkin very very hard and my earlier ideas have been reinforced that a country like ours really doesnt need to be forgiven its debt.

The rich countries didnt force us to get the debts in the first place, everyone in the poor countries know who stole their money.I could go on as to reasons why this nosense has to stop. We are busy campainging for debt relief but at the end of the day who gets fat the same ol faces who messed up with their cronies in the first place.

For one thing i cant go to my bank or katapila ( Loan Shark) guy to forgive me when my relatives cant do just that. I say this coz really that means the is something wrong with how i manage ma resources.

It is becasue of the above that I feel that charity must start at home. All you pple who govt owes you smthg why dont you write of part of it and the government pays the rest.

I rest my case.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

WorldBank Donor nonsense

On the subject above i dont real have nothing to pull back. On Donor Nonsense these bretton Institutions have been prescribing wrong medicine in africa for as long as the have existed. I donno is it that these pple cant employ pple who can formulate a good policy and draw up good guidelines.

What has made me rant this is the issue of the Blantyre Contractor Fargo, these blokes were given a contract some time back in BT to to rehabilitate a road which was very vital to traffic flow in the Commercial city of Blantyre. To my utter irritation and in the spirit of killing virtually all the entrepreneurs who operate on this road the managed to delay the contract for more than 12 months . But the have just been awarded another contract to rehabilitate roads in the commercial city of blantyre from the article it seems the World bank had a strong influence in this decesion.
Read more on the link below

In summary this is a way of helping production costs go high and not alleviating poverty.

About Reading and Computers

I was perusing through a Dailytimes paper its about a columnist I have just forgotten the name but he writes on ICT type o issues. His latest issue had a part whch commented about the reading culture Malawi.

The background is a workshop which was held in Blantyre on books ( smthg like a Fayre) but it was poorly attended this prompted the Sunday Times Columnist to lament the reading culture amongst Malawians or Black pple in general. He/She quoted an American racist radio which says "The best way to hide info from a black is to write in a book"

Our IT columnist pointed out that maybe the problem might be the lack of books which could interst him (ICT).

Well my take in the whole thing is a need for Malawi Writers Union and the columnist ( I.T) to come up with books to cater for the IT field and then advocate that all entry point courses manuals in ICT be done by Malawian proffessionals.

I feel this be implemented.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Walking the talk

The phrase i hv used as the title of my post. Well its easy to say and type it but to deliver is smthg else.
I think i ve mentioned in my previous postings that am a JCI-MALAWI member, for about 4 yrs and now hv been entrusted with responsibility to Lead the capital city chapter of this org. ( JCI - Lilongwe).

Our action plan for the year 2006 has been dubbed "WALKING THE TALK" we chose this coz it sounds good and so that we remain focussed.

Our goals are to reach far and wide for members and partners. By running some good programs and doing the best for our City so watch this space for more

Well i hoped George Weah could stay cool and then move on to re-group and strategise for the nxt election which i guess is in 7 yrs time.

Friday, November 11, 2005

George Weah

Man how i feel for this bloke. He has achieved so much in his proffession ( Footballer) than the grandma of liberia ever did in the bankin sphere.

But as the always say the best team lost. If i was him i would go back to the drawing board consolidate my base. But damn he must hv spent millions of his quid. I jus hop that the will try to get in some peace in that country. I donno what this ol lady will bring to liberia.

If i was in Monrovia for sure i could hv done some street demoz. It aint fair we need some young pips takin posts.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

As Days Go by

Well days are really on the fasttrack these couple o days. My life has been revolving around work, exams , jci et some other young men issues. So as u can see its quite a handful.

For ma work it's gettin busier by the day with our crew reduced its been hectic but, progress is being made bit by bit. The only handicap at the moment is the fact that am sittin 4 a paper which is way of track with wat i do on a daily basis and what the org needs me to know. So u might see the jinx in which Nyandeni ( JERE NAME) boy is into. But with my Phwezi Sec Sch "ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE GOD WILL GUIDE" am taking them stuff as the come so far so good.

Exam issues no mention its quite hell got to wake up early and cram a few stuff in my head and then prepare for work. " KUDYERA KULIMBA ". Its not always pleasant to study in hot season progress is kinda slow.

Gotta do some Salaried work bye till nxt tym

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Times on the Move

Well sitting in my office today while doing some work i started reflecting on the signs which show that time waits for no one and somethings just arent fair.

four events prompted this post

1. A little girl has just passed away. I just feel pity that a young girl who looked forward to life to perish at an age so tender. U then just wonder y u r still breathing and walking around doin ur thing. If u ask me i might just chuckle , say a few of motivational lines or just ask u y u are askin me.

2. A colleague at work has just moved for his parents crib to his on. That means he has just gone a step further i suppose. All them fellas at work r busy mockin the guy that he is bout to get hitched ( married). Koma akukana mwamtu wa galu

Well am feeling tired so i might post the other two or just forget about them.


Its been quite hectic at work and i just cant get to grips that the wknd is around the corner. For one thing i got a hell lot more work to do and the prospect of our team meeting chelsea really sends some chills down my spine.

Am a Red Devil ( Man U ) so if you follow soccer u might notice the fact that we arent playin well and our team's confidence is at its lowest. I need not elaborate further the exploits of Chelsea FC .

As a JCI Malawi member its been a mixed bag where the net result has been positive that i dont mind the fact that I am working on a Holiday. Just wish our good org the best future. If any of u might be interested please visit the following website

Gotta do some serious work now

Happy Eid Mubarak or Elfituri

Well today is a public holiday on our mother land its really cool. My pals who were fasting can now join me in our daily strides. The only prob with this holiday is the fact that it hasnt got an exact date. Thats why I find myself at work when i could have been home catchin up on some sleep , stories and interesting reads.

I got the msg when i was already 90% on my way to the office.

So my heart goes out to all a ya Muslims brothers & sisters.

Allah akbar (sp) [ god is gr8t]