Thursday, June 22, 2006

Installing Apache Webserver on Windows XP

Well this is a sort of an admmission post. My pals down here in Malawi and all those I have met from across the global all agree on one thing that installing Apache Webserver on a Win XP box is an easy feat. But for me it tuned out to be the opposite.

Courtesy of the apache foundation I got the latest release installed and I was asked for a passwd whenever I tried to access it on my machine. Well the cardinal rules of a techie are if you think you followed the instructions and it aint doing its job then 1 - reboot and 2nd re-install. But these didnt help me I contacted some geeks I know Soyapi but to know avail he just could not understand someone would hv troubles installing this Apache Webserver.

But lastly I called another buddy Hasha Dube A.K.A "The One and Only" he just told me to disable the IIS service function in the Win XP. Damn after that it worked so fine.

At the end of the day I was like Linux is hell lot simpler

VIVA ICTAM !!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

MALAWI Hi-lites Budget 2006 proposed, Chihana Buried

Budget 2006 Proposal

PAYE- lowest paid employee has an extra MWK 12000 per annum to take home. In percentage terms it looks lovely in real terms it has just covered part of the commodity price rises.

MPS Allowances - the get 50% hike in their sitting allowances MK8000 - MK 12000

Fuel levy - a K1 per litre has been introduced for public works.

50% Excise duty on passenger vehicles with Capacity of 12+ removed

Wedding gifts from abroad to be taxed MK 50000.

Agriculture get lions share with MK 16bn

Gensets of over 375Kva customs removed.


The man who broke the brutal dictatorship of
Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda passed away in SA after losing a battle with brain tumour. He was the symbol of Multi-party and the Northern Region in Malawi. He was laid to rest @ katoto freedom park.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

WC2006 Togolese "Tourists"Players - KESHI LAUGHS LAST

This 23 man west african tourists masquerading as Togolese players must be real fools how can the refuse to play for their country only God knows what is going on in their peanut brains.

I hope the are give a Patriotism lecture by their defence forces. Its really a shame to say the least.

STEPHEN KESHI laughs last that arrogant Adebayor will be a laughing stock in the premier league

Africans Lest not we forget CLEMENTS KADALIE (1893 - 1951)

By chance I went to my favourite bookshop MANENO BOOKSHOP. I picked some books.

1- I See You ( Life of the man Clements Kadalie) BY D.D Phiri
2- Memorial History of Mulanje Mission CCAP in Malawi By Armstrong Elliot Khoza
3- Let Us Die for Africa BY D.D Phiri
4- Success Unlimited by Jonah Mungoshi
5- An Oxford Dictionary

OK back to the story of one Clements Kadalie the founder of the first all inclusive Trade Union organisation in South Africa ( advised by one Mr Batty) which changed the face of Unionism and and Politics in SA and safely SADC.

Educated in Embangweni, Nkhatabay and livingstonia. Moved to South Africa established the ICU ( Industrial Commercial Workers Union) achieved a lot in uniting various Ethnic Groups and races.

Well am dumstruck that his drive for equality in the labor force was slowed by 2 major factors ( Ethnic pride Zulus of Natal. Just because he wanted to discpline a Mr Champion who had misappropriated funds of the Union branch.) This led to a secessesion of the Natal ICU branch.
And the 2nd thing was the syndrome that a European is always right entrenched in some colonial african academics , the point here is that a Mr William G. Ballinger just slowed the pace of change in our region ( SADC). I wouldnt be wrong to label this man as the enemy of Black, Indian, Colored, White south africans because his actions led to the ICU break-up resulting in Kadalie establishing the Independent ICU.

I will try my best to see where this great son of Malawi's remains are buried and pay my respects if possible. I would like to thank D.D Phiri for recording this piece of History it makes Malawians strong.

His contributions are acknowledged by
- Nelson Mandela
-Proffessor D.D.T Jabavu of Fort Hare
- Proffessor Z.K Matthews of Fort Hare , later Ambassador of Botswana to the UN

Saturday, June 17, 2006

World Cup 2006 Africa EXPOSED

Well we might say that the poor showing of African teams as a blip and not expected my foot to this fantasy thinking.

Its time to call a spade a spade. Ivory coast two losses may be the will beat Serbia-Montinegro (sp) check the country's stats you will see that the aint worth watching [only about 2 star players KEZMAN ( A Mourinho reject) & Vidic ( Red Devil) ] I hope you feel me.

The first point was taken by Tunisia against Saudis and then Angola from Mexico got the 2nd point.

lets get our house in order, maybe you can find solace in the fact that its us , Asia and North America who have never won the cup. It will be foolish to compare our selves with pips who have failed

South Africa watch out!!!!!!!!!!!! Coz at the rate things are goin you aint gonna score a goal. It will be a shame .

I will still cross my fingers so that MAYBE the Angolans can win their game against Iran and Portugal does Angola a favor by thrashing the Mexico boys by at least 4 goals