Monday, October 16, 2006

SMS Applications TNM leads the way for Malawians

Observing carefully at the market cellular phone operators Telekom Networks Malawi is leading the way on added sms services initiatives. Theservices span from agriculture sector to your personal convinience.

1- SMS to Email

This is one of my favourites since now I can send an email on my mobile. It doesn have to be a fancy gadget just your simple nokia.
All you gotta do is

i- go to message window

ii- type the recipients sms address e.g and then your message

iii- on the number # type 444Rest be assured that your message is in your hands.

2- ESCOM bills project
Recently ESCOM have introduced a service whereby you type in your sms your Escom acct number. Then after a few seconds you get your status in a msg like the one below:
" YOUR ELECTRICITY BILL( Mr Mangaliso Jere, .MW) IS NOWMWK 1, 000,000.Thank you for keeping your account up to date "

3. MACE project SMS

This is the oldest project ( bout 5 plus years old) an IDEAA project done in partnership with TNM. It ha made it possible for various stakeholders in the Agriculture industry to access prices of commodities by simply sending an smsThe prices are up dated by IDEAA officers in the regions

4.TNM Call Back

Well this service has just been introduced it helps subscribers who could have either flashed to send a msg.It allows a subscriber short on credit or units communicate with another TNM subscriber so that the latter can call back

All you gotta do*707*08560086#

The recipient gets the following msg

" Please call [ Perpertually Broke Phone] at 08560086 powered by TNM"

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Reseting Cisco 1700 Router to recover password

1> Connect your Pc's serial port to the routers console port
2> Configure your PC's serial port
- 9600 baud rate

- No parity

- 8 data bits

- 1 stop bit

- No flow control

3> Config register should be 0x2102 " Use sh ver"

4> Reboot router and apply the BREAK sequence within 60 seconds ofpowering the router. >

ROMMON 1 > confreg 0x2142

ROMMON 1 > reset

Type Control -C to exit this mode
Router > enable

Router # conf m

# sh ru

# conf t

Router (config) # en secret forgotten

Router (config) # conf-reg 0x2102

Router (config) # crtl z

Router # write

Router # reload

This summary should bring relief to you all.
The links below should help you further if you are still stuck

Various cisco products

Particular one for Cisco routers

Good day