Monday, July 31, 2006


In the past weeks I have been in deep thought bout service to humanity which was mainly stimulated by a visit to malawi by SKIP KIDs group ( to Malawi & some American friends.

My thoughts where mainly in three views.
  • local service to humanity
  • Student volunteers
  • Overseas proffessional volunteers

Well I have had the opportunity to work with various groups on the Lilongwe scene. We have a host of non-profit charitable groupings who range from Religious to Non-religion based groups. Their work always makes me believe that as a people with a little self belief and a change of mindset we could make a difference rather than always wait for assistance from outside the country. I feel with a little resources within our borders we could make a large difference than the big dollars which come from well wishers abroad.

The 2nd thought hinged on young people groups (overseas & local). This is a good thing cause future leaders are exposed to what suffering, opportunities are available on the ground in our country. Currently I know of World camp for kids ( US) and Students for Kids Project ( SKIP) (Scottish) who spend their own savings to make a difference . And it wouldnt be fair on the local student organisations in the country who are making serious contributions in HIV/AIDS, Corruption et al.

The third volunteer group which I think is lacking in a serious way is not done much by our Citizenry but mostly from outsiders. The main contributors being from the West, Japan, Chinese and of late a good number of Arabs. Some come here and really volunteer others come to enjoy the sun. Its for the majority to whom as a Malawian am indebted cause mainly their motivation is to make difference. It makes me feel bad that I havent heard much bout my own folk spending their Holiday's volunteering. Its my hope that in my life and times I make a difference.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Life Of My Bro Tibonge Chinthiti ( 1978 - 2006)

Well its with much sadness that I am writing bout the passing of my good brother. Whom I have known for the better of the last 10 years. We got aquantained when he moved to our hood ( Area 15) .
This was the time when I was doing my accountancy studies at the Malawi College of Accountancy, he joined me. He passed showing determination and hardwork. To me he was one of those guys who got things done.

After that point I went to do some IT studies at the UNIMA Polytechnic, while he got into formal employement at NASFAM as an Assistant Admin where he rose to be the adminstrator till his untimely death.

My last meet with him was when we met and I was telling him that I am moving up north. We were in the company of Ben Munthali et Towani Manda some good brothers of mine. We all had a good laugh and that was the end.

Right now I feel for his bro Chico who to me the were tight and grew up together like twins. At the same time we have celebrate a good life.

To me it really proves the fact that the GOOD DIE YOUNG

Friday, July 21, 2006

Move To Mzuzu

After stayin in Lilongwe for a good part of my life am like on cloud uncertainity as to what awaits this Ngoni Son in Northern region's populous city.

At first reaction am going to a less developed area of Malawi. Political minds would say no the aint political will to put resources in place. But I think otherwise and at the same time I dont disagree with with that school of thought either. To me it's up to people from the area who are scattered all over the country and mind you the aint poor. The must pool resources together and government will follow suit.

I look @ this as an opportunity filled move just gotta identify them and then implement them. At the end of this post I would like to bid farewell to all them people who made lilongwe worth living.

Am posting from our Mzuzu office and I look forward to making new friends meeting old friends as well.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Things Lookin' Up For Malawians ?

On the night of 13-07-06 some thoughts crossed my mind . I was in between my work issues , extracurricula, people relations et al that a man can think of.

I believe things are looking up the following examples reinforce my thoughts.

1- FMB offering shares to the public the are mainly an Asian bank is worth mention because of the fact that an Asian is deemed to be very good at sharing money making opportunities " MYTH BUSTED?"

2- Matilda Katopola ( Clerk of Parliament) she has ruffled a lot of feathers by applying the rules of conduct of our MP's which have been slack. To an extent that an MP threatened to physically assault this her. But by and large she has won a lot of admirers amongst the general public and young proffessionals.

3- SOCAM ( Society of Accountants in Malawi) After some high profile gatherings now I see that the have punished a practising member and published him in a newspaper. Thats great coz as the custodians of our investments the must really show that the dont fear to punish members of their fraternity.

5- ICTAM( Information and Communications Technology Association of Malawi) have rolled into some serious action and their presence is felt especially in the two big cities of Malawi ( Lilongwe & Blantyre). Their objectives are big but the guys entrusted to run the show seem to have what it takes.

In the city which has been my home (Lilongwe) is experiencing various infrastructure upgrades roads, fresh coats of paint on shops and construction of residences


Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Nokia Phone dominates my ear

My use of this gadget started sometime when I was doing my 2nd year at the Malawi Polytechnic, my Sister did the honors of giving me a NOKIA 5110 which made me feel proud that at last I had this much talked about Gizmo. This spared the trouble of receiving calls from a friend in my corridor. The life of my beloved gizmo ended when a cousin of mine decided to steal it. This spelled for me a long period of incommunicado.

It was a spell which ended when I was employed and I saved some loot to afford meself another alexander bell alternative a NOKIA 3210. It was a fairly used gizmo and after my quest of enhancing it some troubled soul who I dont have any idea decided to pinch it in my office after I had gone to attend some business issues on the other side of our office.After this I tried other models ranging from SAGEM to Eriksons but got no love from them phones.

After this I decided to revert to a 5110 and after some months I upgraded to a 3110 which I got from TNM shop. Since my old lady had nothing I gave her so that she can keep in touch with the world. As for the 5110 I borrowed a friend who was going through a tough patch.

Had a spell with a 2300 which a friend sold and I bought at a high price just to be duped coz the fon didnt last for more than for months. It just went off during one busy morning and a friend promised to fix it but then has ended up just keeping it i guess.

Now am a proud owner of a Nokia 3120 which in a matter of time I will be able to experience the benefit from the Celtel Upgrades.